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Why Choose Equifax ID Validation Service?

Equifax’s ID Validation Service has been developed to specifically meet the CRB’s revised ID checking  guidelines  for External Validation Checks via ‘Route Two’ 

Approved by the CRB, Equifax’s ID Validation undertakes  a Level 2  authentication check  and delivers a straight forward PASS/FAIL decision  in-line with new guidelines.

Quick, simple & secure
- Equifax’s ID Validation minimises data input and maximises match rates

Using Equifax’s extensive Citizen database of over 48  million UK adults and our unique name and address matching, Equifax’s ID Validation service offers the  most comprehensive ID check available and is just one of the reasons we are the Identity and Passport Service’s  chosen  provider.

Available now, Equifax’s ID Validation service is easy to use and accessible via a secure internet site, avoiding the need for  any software installation.

To ensure you are fully compliant with the new ‘External ID Validation Checking’ requirement  by  31 August 2012 complete the enquiry form below

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Quick, Simple & Secure

Click the movie below for a free Demo of the CRB ID Validation system