Partner with Equifax.



Equifax welcomes the opportunity to innovate together with like-minded partners to co-create solutions that cannot be delivered independently. We have an established customer base with an appetite for innovation that is open to test new propositions.


In todays’ rapidly changing environment it’s unusual to be able to address all of your customers needs on your own. Combining complementary strengths to deliver new solutions where the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts, can open new markets, and deliver new revenues and increase customer satisfaction and retention.


Equifax has invested heavily in a state of the art Hadoop analytics environment, capable of quickly building, testing and deploying new solutions. This provides Equifax and our partners the perfect platform to innovate together with a reduced time to market and increased speed to revenue.

Becoming a Partner.

From SMEs to the Global 100, Equifax enables our partners to meet customer needs, while delivering growth today and beyond.


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