Equifax Credit Data and Identity Protection

Generating Income and Protecting Your Customers

Why add ID protection as part of your wealth package?

  • New income stream, or added value for your existing product
  • Customer retention - the more product benefits, the more loyal clients will be to to your brand
  • The more affluent your clients, the more likely they are to become victims of fraud, the more keen they will be to find a provider that addresses their concerns
  • Ignorance isn't bliss, your customers need to know that that there is a proven link between theft of personal details and fraud. They will be grateful that you are being proactive about protecting them
  • Customers like dealing with people when they are in distress, so adding a dedicated helpline offering information and reassurance that action is being taken will keep you one step ahead of your competition whose packages don't include this service
  • Looking after the security of your customers will build your brand reputation with customers, as well as regulators like the FSA who value good practice

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Increasing the product options available to your clients allows you to stay ahead of your competition 

It is your product, so you decide whether you want your ID protection to be Equifax branded, co-branded with a strategic partner or have your own branding.

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